Are unfortunately numerous. Due to pending demolition of Mill Cottages, three families, whose homes have long been there, have left us - Mrs. Tossell and Mr. Attwood to 5 Platform Cottages, Rainham, Miss Crayford to No. 4, and Mrs. Philpott to her daughter's at Erith. All have been familiar figures in our village for many years and we shall miss them; not least shall we miss Miss Crayford's skill with the needle. Also leaving are Mr. and Mrs. Stephens of Munn's Lane, who are moving to a larger house at Challock Lees. In their comparatively short stay both have contributed considerably to our community life, Mr. Stephens particularly as Church Treasurer and Chairman of the Village Hall and Mrs. Stephens as an official in W.I. and Y.W.F. circles. We hope they will be very happy in their new home.

Earl Haig Fund

Benefited by £12 8s. 3d. from Church collections on Remembrance Sunday, and by £16 4s. 3 1/2d. from the house-to-house collections, carried out by the "7.40" Fellowship, supported by contributions from the School, the Tuck Inn, the Rose and Crown and Mr. Rootes' Shop.

Two Buglers

From King's, Rochester, again sounded Last Post and Reveille on Remembrance Sunday. We are very grateful to their Headmaster and their C.O. for their help annually in this matter.

Good News

Of our invalids. Mrs. Snape and Mrs. Holden both seem to be improving steadily after their operations. Mr. Hamson is home after his, and Mr. Millgate remains in the Medway, obeying orders to rest but cheerful.

Carol Singing Parties

In the village are: 13th December, Primary School (in aid of C. of E. Children's Society); 15th and 16th December, Youth Club.

Christmas Appeals

Received and commended include: The C. of E. Children's Society (Old Town Hall, Kennington, S.E.11); Dr. Barnardo's Homes (Stepney Causeway, E.1), and Christian Aid (10 Eaton Gate, S.W.1).

7.40 Fellowship

Was born on the evening of Sunday, 24th October, its members to consist chiefly of young confirmed members of the Church but also of others considering Confirmation. Its object is mainly expressed in the title, but activities will often rightly take an outward-looking form, as for instance the selling of poppies throughout the village, for Earl Haig's Fund and, later this month, the singing of carols (with hand-bells) round the wards at Keycol Hospital. Meetings will be at 7.40 p.m. on the 3rd Sunday and last Tuesday in each month. Mr. Snape has kindly offered to guide and generally support the Fellowship.