The Churchyard Project

Medhurst graves

The inscriptions on the tombstones in the churchyard were recorded in detail by Elizabeth Auger as part of a school project for her studies in archaeology. She has generously made her records available to us and we are gradually uploading them to an on-line archive.

Elizabeth undertook her survey in 1999 and, since then, some inscriptions have become less readable and some gravestones have been renewed. For stones that have been lost, the original inscriptions, that were taken in Elizabeth's original survey, are recorded here.

Inscription format

The inscription record is recorded here as it is found on the stones. No attempts have been made to guess at obscure or missing letters or numbers. Spelling is the same as that engraved on the stones themselves. Following accepted procedure, all names have been recorded in capitals and all other text in natural cases e.g. capitals for the first letter of the month, whether or not this is so on the stones.

The line breaks have been recorded and are shown in the inscriptions here.

Commonwealth War Grave

Hartlip has one Commonwealth War Grave, situated to the east of the church. It is to Charles Whitehead and the inscription is as follows.

Stoker 2nd Class RN K/55105
H.M.S. Pembroke
2nd December 1918. Aged 18.

"H.M.S Pembroke" was the shore establishment at Chatham, and Charles died in the hospital there, seemingly as one of the victims of the Spanish influenza epidemic.

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The on-line archive of Hartlip's Churchyard contains details and photos of all of the graves and memorial stones in the grounds. It may be searched in two ways, either through the index of surnames or by a 'clickable' map.

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There are four maps that show different parts of the overall churchyard and church interior. The areas covered are shown by the blue section of the thumbnail maps below. Click on the image to go to the 'clickable' map that you need.

Garden of remembrance: an area near the lych gate for the interment of ashes, 1976 to the present day.

location of the garden of remembrance

Original churchyard: the area immediately surrounding the church. The oldest graves are found here, dating from 1680 to about 1920.

location of the old parts of the churchyard

Churchyard extension: the extension lies to the west of the church and contains graves from about 1926 to 1990. It was concecrated by the Bishop of Dover on November the 11th 1925.

location of the churchyard extension

Church interior: a number of tomb stones and memorials to the richer members of Hartlip's past communities are to be found inside the church itself

church interior