Articles on the history of Hartlip

Articles on Hartlip are slowly being added to the site. At the moment there are only two!

The meaning of "Hartlip"

The usual explanation of the meaning of the word Hartlip concerns deer jumping. The version given, for example, in Wikipedia, is as follows. "The name Hartlip derives from the Old English .... more ....>>

The old school punishment book

One of the documents that survives in Hartlip School is the School Punishment Book. It details all of the physical punishments administered on school children (almost exclusively boys) between 1909 and 1936 .... more ....>>

Mary Gibbon - buried in linen

Mary Gibbon is well-known in Hartlip as the benefactrix of the village school. Her bequests established the school in 1678. What might be less well-known about Mary Gibbon .... more ....>>

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