Churchyard Extension

The churchyard was extended in 1925 when, on November 11th, the Bishop of Dover concecrated the additional ground for burials. The original estimate was that 240 grave spaces would be provided, but the actual number is considerably less than this. The cost of the extension, including the cost of clearing and levelling what was orchard, was £163/18/10d. A full account is given in the Parish Magazines leading up to that date.

The extension was closed on the 7th January 1991 by order of the Secretary of State for the Environment, with the proviso that burial may be allowed for "the body of any member of the family of the person or persons heretofore buried in such grave."

To view a memorial and its inscription click on the relevant part of the map below.

Churchyard extension key
Churchyard extension clickable map hales grave hales grave hollands grave day grave sa vage grave hollands grave taylor grave hunt grave boakes grave attwood grave amos grave philpot grave tipper and soper grave friar grave black grave goldsmith grave ward grave lacey grave black grave hollands grave asling grave pattison grave evans grave creaton grave denson grave miles grave skinner grave moon grave harlow grave sellen grave hollands grave hunt grave hales grave bowles grave scott grave tong grave clout grave waters grave attwood grave bareham grave alexander grave ongley grave freed grave harriss grave hyland grave baxter grave clout grave pope grave walker grave truss grave simmonds grave metters grave friday grave attwood grave woodcock grave white grave ashby grave sidwick grave bailey grave brown grave harriss grave milgate grave leonard grave miles grave goreham grave robinson grave perry grave philpott grave ward grave philpot grave cork grave godden grave harris grave hales grave attwood grave nash grave rainey grave hollands grave ashby grave cryer grave hales grave warburton grave dixon grave waters grave musselwhite grave friar grave ingram grave gambell grave whitehead grave whitehead grave whitehead grave pope grave browning grave read grave bishenden grave venn grave philpot grave crayford grave selling grave davison grave bateman grave coombs grave smith grave kemp grave varrier grave clark grave moor grave friar grave deverson grave harris grave haffenden grave tong grave ambrose grave kitchingham grave bone grave chambers grave whitnall grave frier grave moon grave harriss grave cork grave harris grave page grave cork grave hollands grave divers grave farthing grave leonard grave noble grave roberts grave ward grave twort grave carlton grave  grave chambers grave davison grave brodie grave robinson grave grave moon grave partridge grave burrough grave ward grave white grave grave dakeyne grave bancroft grave harris grave